Middle Britain – Distant Wales

New Labour Leader Ed Milliband has vowed to defend the needs of Middle Britain.

Who exactly are these people?

Well thanks to those good people over at Guardian Datablog and Experian, we now know who, and more importantly where they are.

These (in glorious dark red) are the people that Ed Milliaband and the Labour Party have vowed to defend:

Unsurprisingly they are mainly within a 100 or so miles of London.

The notable exception is Northern Ireland, maybe Ed Milliband thinks that there isn’t enough politics going on there or something and that it could be fertile ground for him!

Wales hardly registers.

So when you her Ed M banging on about the rights of Middle Britain remember that he’s not talking about us here in Wales. We’re as distant as ever from the thoughts of the Labour Party in London.

Labour has long moved on from Wales. It’s about time that we move on from Labour.