Soundtrack to the election campaign

Steve Eaves

I haven’t got time for a decent blog post, I’m afraid, but I thought that I’d share with you the Soundtrack (at least artists and albums) to my campaign!

1. Manu Chao – Baionarena

2. Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion Sgwarnogod Bach Bob

3. Steve Eaves Ffoaduriaid

4. Enya – Watermark

5. Sian James Gweini Tymor

6. Femi Kuti – The Best Of Femi Kuti

Each one brilliant in their own right; each one feeding different emotions during the campaign.

The Anthem however is Afrikaners y Gymru Newydd, Steve Eaves.

Right, off to the studio first thing tomorrow morning for a live radio interview, then more leaflets being delivered in Coedpoeth and Ruabon before coming back to a lovely Sunday Roast with the family!


  1. Just had a Plaid leaflet off a lady (This insult has been removed – Mabon). Plaid claim to be the party of all of Wales yet have let down the community of Brymbo badly. We won’t be forgetting the actions of Plaid councillors in a hurry.

  2. Thanks ‘H Mellons’. It seems that isn’t enough for you! How long have you been checking this lil’ ol’ blog out for?

    Couple of points in response to your comment:
    1) Their’s no need to insult our activists. However what it does go to show is that we have activists out delivering and talking to people on he doorstep – more than can be said for other candidates – even those living just down the road!

    2) I walked every street in the new housing estates at Brymbo yesterday knocking on the doors. The response was the total opposite to that which you are claiming here. in fact, if you spend time talking to them individually you;ll find that people appreciate it and are happy to listen. They understood and supported Plaid Cymru’s Councillors support. What certain Councillors claim in the press is not what the people are saying on the ground – I know because i’ve walked the streets of Brymbo and tan-y-Fron numerous times – just ask around!
    3) What also became apparent was that the local Councillor had mis-led the residents claiming in an e-mail that Plaid Cymru Councillors had blocked the link road. That’s more than mis-leading, it’s a lie, and could potentially bring the Council into disrepute. I will be asking the Council to look into this matter. You know full well that this isn’t the case. The Plaid Councillors opposed the building of more houses, a stance which is widely supported by the people of Brymbo and Tan-y-Fron.
    4) Quite what this has to do with the ‘Soundtrack of the Campaign’ is beyond me!

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