Who knows what May the 5th will bring.

What I do know is that the Plaid Cymru campaign in Clwyd South has a huge momentum, and we are getting support from across the board, especially younger voters.

But crucially the recognition factor is surprisngly high. Today for instance in Ruabon I had people greet me by my first name coming out of their houses for a chat as we were going past. Yesterday I had people coming up to me in the street and in the local pubs for a chat asking how the campaign was going. It has genuinely surpised me.  I thought that such a recognition factor was only with experienced politicians. It has certainly put an extra spring in my step.

Then I’m receiving messages of support from all sorts e.g.:

    You might not remember me… Just to give you a heads up on whats happening, you’ve got my vote, my nans vote and my mums vote… . This was just a quick message to say you have our votes and good luck in the elections, do us proud 🙂


I wish you success in the forthcoming election and hope you get the place you deserve

These are but a couple of a host of messages that people have sent me.

Then there was this message on the Britain votes blog:

There are also rumours in the North of a shock result in Clwyd South with the seat turning into a three way marginal as a result of Karen Sinclair retiring. Plaid have a hard working candidate and are picking up scores of votes in traditional Labour heartlands.

Win or lose what’s clear is that the momentum is in our favour, and yes, I’m still enjoying it!

Thanks to you all for your help so far. With a little bit more who knows what we will achieve here!