Welsh MP reduction – will we see any difference?

The UK Government’s decision to get rid of a quarter of Welsh MPs is bad. Its anti-democratic and will result in Wales being under-represented in Westminster, that distant place where, in their wisdom, they make such enlightened decisions as to cut back on supporting the poorest and vulnerable in society which will impact particularly bad on Wales. 

You would expect me as a nationalist to say this. And I believe it. 

But it is also worth noting that this attempt by Cameron and Clegg at gerrymandering the constituencies is aimed at reducing Labour’s influence in Wales. On the whole Wales has not been served well by its Labour MPs. In fact they have, as a rule, been terribly ineffective at representing Wales’ needs, listening to their London masters time and time again, with only a few notable exceptions. 

While this decision to reduce our MPs will result in a theoretical democratic deficit, the truth is that Wales will continue to depend on its few Plaid Cymru MPs to fight its corner, while Welsh Labour will suffer a slight loss in income.