Dismay at Llangollen planning approval

Mabon ap Gwynfor on the development site in May 2016

Campaigners opposed to a new housing estate in Llangollen have reacted with dismay to the news that the development has been given the go ahead.

Denbighshire County Council’s Planning Committee today approved the plans by Castlemead Homes to build 95 houses on Vicarage Hill, on the southern side of Llangollen town.

Plaid Cymru’s Mabon ap Gwynfor, who has spoken out against the development proposals since they were first put forward earlier this year, said: “There are many families in the Llangollen area who want decent housing that meet their needs. Only 10% of the houses proposed for this site will be affordable, which is absurdly low. This is not a development to answer local needs but instead allows the developer to profit handsomely without regard for the community.

“This has once again shown that the planning process is firmly in favour of developers and not the community.

“Planning in Wales needs a complete root-and-branch review. If this development had been refused the developer would have had a right to appeal. Communities however do not have the same right. There is no appeals process for our communities, which is fundamentally wrong.”



  1. DCC is not fit for purpose. Can we now have a vote of no confidence? Enough is enough.

  2. This land was scheduled for development in 1979
    Llangollen has suffered from a lack of development ever since then and desperately needs more housing
    Affordable housing by price definition is incapable of being economically developed and when previously developed has found limited demand
    A bigger population would contribute to the viability of local businesses
    Had Planning policy in relation to the requirement for 10% growth in housing stock each decade been followed, this town would be a far more vibrant, successful community

    1. Chris, with all due respect but you are set to gain financially from this development. I see unbuilt houses for sale with Wingetts already.

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