We must all disown these repugnant attitudes

Angry White ManMuch has been written in the wake of Brexit and Trump’s success about the increased racism, homophobia, sexism, chauvinism etc.

It seems that such attitudes have been given a new lease of life, and what was once said in the company of close friends behind closed doors is now once again aired publically.

Many people who adhere to these views and are comfortable using discriminatory and offensive language say that it’s ‘PC gone mad’.

Yet I don’t know of anyone who likes to be insulted or offended, not even the most ardent chauvinist. Being a member of a privileged minority, who has historically oppressed and subjugated so many people over the last several hundred years, gives some people a false sense of entitlement. We thought that this had come to an end. What we are seeing, hopefully, is the dying throes of these last vestiges of imperialism and supremacy.

However the current climate certainly does seem to have given people a license to offend. Couple this with social media – where some people believe that they can say whatever they want – and it’s a dangerous mix.

I was so shocked to read some of the tweets from one particular individual, that I felt compelled to share them. These tweets come from someone who openly associates himself with UKIP, a political party which has seven Assembly Members and one Member of the European Parliament, elected in Wales by the people of Wales.

Does UKIP agree with this individual? Do these tweets represent their official view? What is the view of UKIP in Arfon? Nathan Gill? Neil Hamilton?

We need to know if what he says is a reflection of the organisations which he purports to represent, especially UKIP, so that people can make an informed decision on whom they would like to represent them on the political stage.

These are just some of the tweets.

“…I mourn the passing of the gas chamber…”


“They say he’s going to bring back slavery. Jolly good”


“At what point, I wonder, do we consider launching the KKK as a British Political Party?”


“Britain has been invaded since 1963 and to date at least three major cities have fallen to the black flood.”


“Life must be simpler when we simply discriminated. Oh, for the old days.”


Paul Nuttall? Suzanne Evans? Neil Hamilton? Nathan Gill?


  1. This sort of rhetoric is tantamount to inciting racial violence.Prosecution should be initiated.

  2. “In a free state people can think what they like and say what they think.” Spinoza 1670
    Seems like you have been scraping the bottom of the twitter barrel to make an argument against free speech. Democracy can only function when thought and speech are free. Don’t be afraid of the odd idiot with stupid ideas. Good ideas will always triumph.
    Free speech is our Enlightenment heritage. No need to be herded back into the dark days of censorship.

  3. I also noted that the ukiparfon twitter account the terrible tweets link back to is actually a fake account! …?

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