Skates’ Doublethink

Some days ago I posted a letter I had sent to the Leader Newspaper in response to Ken Skates AM’s comments about how brilliant it was that Wrexham was getting another Foodbank.

Here is my letter, again, and below is Ken Skates’ bizzare response.

Labour are now excelling in doublethink!


I was amazed to read your article quoting Labour AM Ken Skates saying that introducing a new food bank to Wrexham was ‘excellent news’.

The reason that our communities find themselves in the unenviable position of needing food banks is because of the unnecessarily harsh austerity programme meted out by the Tories. The safety net that was once the welfare state is being eroded piece by piece, and it’s the most vulnerable that are suffering most, with us in Wales suffering disproportionately.

However what’s more galling is that Mr Skates’s Labour party have announced that they intend to continue with the austerity programme put in place by the Tories!

Yes, the proposed new food bank will need all the help it can get to serve the most needy in our society. But the greatest help that Mr Skates could give is a commitment that Labour would not continue with Tory policies.

This is admittedly unlikely as the Labour party wants the votes of Tory south east England and take the people of this area for granted.


Mabon ap Gwynfor

Skates' response








I’ve sent in this reply:


It is regrettable that I have to repeat myself, but Foodbanks are unfortunately necessary because of the hardship forced upon people by the Government’s austerity programme. Tory austerity would continue under Labour. This in turn would force even more people to use Foodbanks and other charities.

Ken Skates, Labour AM’s response to my letter shows that he has failed to understand that he and his party would be complicit in the suffering of many thousands of people because of the continued cuts that they would force on the most vulnerable in society.

This is not the first time that the Labour Party have supported Tory policy. In the National Assembly they failed to support Plaid Cymru’s call to ban zero hours contracts in the Public Sector. They would rather see rich business owners get richer at the expense of hard working people. What a betrayal of the old Labour values!

Mr Skates’ Labour Party voted to support a cap on welfare spending, which will impact pension credits, severe disablement allowance, incapacity benefits, child benefit, both maternity and paternity pay, universal credit and housing benefit.I’m proud that Plaid Cymru opposed these spiteful cuts.

These cuts might be attractive to those courting the millionaires in the City of London, but they are hurtful and damaging to our communities here. Who stands up for Wales? Certainly not the Labour Party.


Mabon ap Gwynfor