Some Bare Facts

With the news that the Conservatives in Clwyd South have launched some sort of a website (monolingual English) in the last few days to promote their candidate (I won’t link to it here nor name the candidate), I thought that it would be good to share some of the statistics about this blog. Also with it being Christmas and the telly full of top 10 programmes, here are some of my very own top ten charts!

The Blog has been going for nearly two and a half months, and today it has crossed 4,000 views (4,053 at the time of typing).

The busiest day was October 21st. The reason being that that was the day I reported Rod Liddle to the police.

The busiest referrers are: (1) Facebook, (2) Blog Menai (3) Syniadau (4) Miserable Old Fart (5) Blog Golwg 360. But Plaid Wrecsam, Blogiadur, Guto Dafydd, Twitter, and all direct a fair bit of traffic this way.

The interesting link from the list above is the link – it seems that someone picked up on an article I had written and posted a link on to the website. It has since directed a steady flow of readers this way.

People have arrived here through various ways.

The most popular terms typed into a search engine which has directed traffic this way are: (1) consumerism, (2) blog mabon, (3) rod liddle wales, (4) rod liddle s4c, (5) george osborne artful dodger, (6) mabon ap gwynfor blog, (7) powys fadog mabon gwynfor, (8) rod liddle welsh, (9)  blog mabon ap gwynfor, (10) “clwyd plaid cymru”.

As you can see there are a number of different combinations involving Rod Liddle. The ‘artful dodger’ search is directly linked to a campaign by 38degrees.

There are also a lot of very odd search queries, and how on earth is my blog linked to them I don’t know! These are the top 10 odd search terms:

(1)am ddim rhyw cymraeg safle; (2) cyngrhair traws gwlad gogledd cymru; (3) fi angen benthyciad ar frys 2010; (4) police regulation a19; (5) rod liddle fireman sam; (6) ierse pay pay; (7) amanda richards unilever; (8) actionaid beer; (9) lunio; (10) grolsch.

These are the most popular pages: (1) Home, (2) Reporting Rod Liddle to the Police for Racism, (3) The Daily Mail and the audacity of the Welsh, (4) About Mabon, (5) Fairtrade and consumerism, (6) Tackling Affordable Housing, (7) Riportio Rod Liddle i’r Heddlu am hiliaeth, (8) Exciting Llangollen enterprise in jeopardy, (9) Homes for who? (part 2 of the Housing article), (10) Child benefits and taxing the rich.

So what can we make of these facts?

As far as I’m concerned its difficult to tell. Its impossible to measure how many of you live in the constituency, on the other hand the number of visitors to the more local articles are very respectable, but the most read articles are the most reactive ones – specifically Rod Liddle and my response to the Daily Mail.

However the blog is still in its early days. Things will look pretty different by Easter! 

Thank you all for reading and contributing. I hope that the blog is proving useful to someone somewhere!