Plaid Delivering Affordable Housing in Denbighshire 25.11.10

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate for Clwyd South, has welcomed the news that 299 affordable homes have been developed in Denbighshire ahead of schedule as part of Plaid Cymru’s promise to deliver 6,500 affordable homes throughout Wales.

A total of 6,707 affordable homes have been delivered in Wales since Plaid went into Government in 2007, reaching their target of 6,500 a year early. 

299 of those homes have been provided in Denbighshire, with a plan to deliver a further 210 affordable homes in the county over the next two years.  

 Mabon ap Gwynfor said: 
“This scheme has given people in Denbighshire a chance to buy a home at an affordable rate in their local community. The Plaid Cymru Minister for Housing, Jocelyn Davies AM, has worked hard to ensure that affordable housing is being delivered, and this announcement that they have exceeded that target is testament to Plaid Cymru’s commitment to supporting our communities.”
Plaid’s Deputy Minister for Housing, Jocelyn Davies AM said: 

“I am delighted to announce that we have not only met, but exceeded our target of creating 6,500 additional affordable homes in this Assembly term. This is a particularly impressive achievement given the current economic conditions.

“However we know that demand for affordable housing continues to grow and we need to deliver even more homes in future. With tightening budgets, this will prove quite a challenge but we are developing new ways in which we can attract other investment and I look forward to working with local authorities, housing associations and others in the housing sector to keep up the good work we have carried out to date and deliver more homes to help families in Wales.” 


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