People of Denbighshire share Plaid’s ambitions for Wales

The Plaid Cymru leader and Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones AM has said that the Yes vote will open a new chapter in the history of Wales, and will give the people of our great country the chance to create a better Wales. Clwyd South candidate Mabon ap Gwynfor spoke of the people of Denbighshire sharing Plaid’s ambitions for Wales.

Speaking after the result was announced, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said that Wales has shown tremendous confidence and commitment by taking responsibility for its own decision making in key areas. The Ynys Mon AM said that returning a Yes vote was essential to Wales’s ability to meet its challenges head on.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said: “The YES vote marks the beginning of a new period of Welsh devolution. “Over a decade ago, the Assembly was established. We can now welcome the beginning of a new era of Welsh devolution – the decade to deliver for Wales.

“The people of Wales have told us that they share our ambitions for a better Wales. They want to see our nation succeed and they want our Assembly to take responsibility and to change Wales for the better. I can promise you that this is what we are now determined to do.

“This yes vote finally gives us the tools to do the job. Now it’s time to get on with the job of delivering for Wales.

“To demand respect, you must first display self respect. Today we have done just that, and the rest of the world can now sit up and take notice of the fact that our small nation, here on the western edge of the continent of Europe, has demonstrated pride in who we are, and what we all stand for.”

Plaid’s candidate in Clwyd South Mabon ap Gwynfor said: “I think everyone in Plaid Cymru and indeed in Wales can be proud of this very definite YES vote.

“All the main parties had a role in the campaign but it was Plaid’s sheer determination and the ambitions of the Welsh people that delivered this result. “I am delighted that the people of Denbighshire share Plaid’s ambitions for Wales.”

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