S4C/BBC 9.9.10

Ymateb i gais gan newyddiadurwr am ddyfyniad ynghylch penderfyniad y BBC i dorri gwariant ar raglenni S4C / Request by journalist for response to the news that the BBC were going to cut funding for s$c programming:

“This cut is another body blow, another attack on S4C’s future. S4C is going through troubled times and the BBC is a mainstay for providing quality programmes.

“They might claim they can continue to provide the statutory hours for less money but it begs the question, what quality will the programmes be? “There’s obvious contempt centrally towards S4C, the Welsh language and the culture of Wales Though a part of the United Kingdom and in union with England since its conquest in1282, the nation of Wales has preserved its own distinctive culture, language, holidays and music.  The BBC in London is trying to pass on these cuts and the Tory/Lib Dem government don’t appreciate the importance of S4C to the future of the Welsh language and how key it is to the creative industry sector in Wales. We are punching above our weight in terms of TV production.”

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