S4C 8.11.10

Dyfyniad ar gais newyddiadurwr yn gofyn am ymateb i holiadur YouGov ynghylch iaith S4C / Quote to a journalist asking for a response to a YouGov questionnaire result regarding the language of S4C:

“I don’t think the idea that S4C should broadcast programmes in English is the right route. I can understand why some people might say it’s a way of saving money, or more inclusive, or that it attracts more people to watch the channel who might as a result be more inclined to watch programmes in Welsh. But what has to be remembered is that S4C was set up specifically as a Welsh language channel, and it’s appropriate that all its programmes should be in Welsh.

“The problem is that the English language is so dominant that if it gets back on to S4C there will be a commercial pressure for it to take up a higher proportion of time. People will look at viewing figures and say you can attract more people for English language programmes.

“Eventually the channel could become a monolingual channel in English.”

Erthygl llawn / full article

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