Health care improvement needs change of Government

Maelor Leanne Carrie MabonSo, the Health Board have announced that they’ve appointed anew Chief, Gary Doherty. Good luck to him, sincerely.

My response:

“I wish Mr Doherty well in his new role as CEO for this Health Board. I’m sure that running such a behemoth as BCUHB is not an easy task, but previous incumbents have made it all the harder by refusing to listen to the views of residents and health professionals in north Wales. This failure to listen has put undue pressure on the Board and its fantastic staff who should be praised for their continued professionalism under such trying circumstances. This appointment will hopefully steady the ship, and bring some confidence back.

“But it should not detract from the wider issue, which is that the Health Board can only work within budgets and policies set by the floundering Welsh Government. As welcomed as Mr Doherty’s  appointment is, if we want to see real improvement in our Health Care provision then this will only be achieved by changing the Government and bringing in a new team dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in north Wales.”