Trident costs Wrexham £12.6m a year


Ahead of today’s Westminster Debate on Trident, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Clwyd South, Mabon ap Gwynfor criticised the “eye-watering” latest estimate for the cost of renewing the nuclear defence system, calling for it to be scrapped entirely.

Following the Strategic Defence and Security Review announced by the Prime Minister yesterday (Monday), the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has calculated that the revised cost for renewing Trident now stands at a staggering £183 billion. That is the equivalent of an extra £12.6m a year for Wrexham, or £2,800 for every person living in Wrexham.

Plaid Cymru’s opposition to Trident renewal is unequivocal and longstanding and the party aims to use today’s debate to highlight the lack of a moral, economic and strategic case for the preservation of these weapons of mass destruction.

Speaking ahead of the debate Mabon ap Gwynfor said:

“We are told time and again that the single biggest threat we face is terrorism, yet the Government plans on spending hundreds of billions of pounds on an out-dated weapons system that is neither a defence nor independent.

“Modern-day threats require modern-day defences. Spending on UK security in the 21st century should focus on tackling extremism and cyber-terrorism, and keeping our streets safe.

“With revised figures showing that Trident is set to cost an eye-watering £183 billion over the system’s lifetime, the UK Government’s renewal plans lack a moral, economic and strategic case.

“This amounts to a staggering £12.6 million every year over the lifetime of Trident to Wrexham, or £2,800 per person in the UK. This at a time when care homes, libraries, buses and other public services are being closed. It is simply indefensible.

“Plaid Cymru will be using today’s debate to highlight the many convincing arguments against Trident renewal.

“We hope that the motion will attract the support of MPs from across the political spectrum who favour spending on health and education over wasting billions on weapons of mass destruction.”

***** UPDATE *****
Following the debate Mabon ap Gwynfor added,
“Nant Silyn is being closed in order to save £250,000. Closing Plas Madoc Leisure Centre was meant to save £886,000. Closing our libraries was meant to save £193,000. Cutting many of our bus services was done to save £97,000. All of these and much more could be retained and improved if we didn’t waste our money on the Trident vanity project. If the money spent on Trident was instead spread out equally across the UK, that would be the equivalent of Wrexham getting an extra £12.6m a year. That’s why it was so bitterly disappointing to see Labour MP’s abstain. Abstaining on important issues is becoming a bit of a habit with them, and shows a real failure to stand up for the people they are meant to represent. Plaid Cymru – the Party Of Wales voted against the renewal of Trident. We would use that money on front line service here in Wrexham so that people here don’t have to suffer all of the time. It’s time someone stood up for Wrexham.”