Call for Fracking Ban

Frack-Free Wrexham_1441340319898888136_oFracking should be banned in Wales with resources being invested into renewable energy, said Plaid Cymru today as the party locally submitted its opposition to the proposal to test drill for Coal Bed Methane at Commonwood Farm, Wrexham.

Plaid Cymru also warned that larger areas surrounding Wrexham were now under threat from fracking following the UK Government’s extension for licenses to drill for gas, with Brymbo, Coedpoeth, Rhos, Ruabon, Cefn, Llangollen, Chirk and the Ceiriog Valley all being opened up for drilling licences.

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Clwyd South, said: “We don’t need fracking in Wrexham or Wales. Wales already produces more electricity than we consume and almost all of the profits currently go to large multinationals. Fracking would only allow these multinationals to exploit our resources for their own gain, leaving us to clean up after them. Fracking contaminates our waters and would commit us to another generation of fossil fuel.

“What we need is investment in renewable energy. We have a skilled workforce in this area and businesses that are already involved in developing infrastructure and technology for the renewable energy sector, such as Sharp and Prysmian Cables.”

Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru’s parliamentary candidate for Wrexham, said: “We welcome the fact that Wrexham Council rejected the planning application by G P Energy. There are strong reasons to refuse this particular application. No environmental impact assessment has been carried out, for instance; and the impact on traffic and noise will be considerable, let alone the potential to pollute our drinking water. These are strong planning grounds for refusal.
“On top of this the UK Government has changed the law for fracking, which would allow companies to drill for gas beneath our homes without asking for our permission. This is a huge concern, especially in an area that is known for its geological faults and subsidence issues. People with concerns about fracking can contact me on 07747 792 441 or”

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru AM for North Wales, has voiced his opposition to fracking over the past year and called for the drilling of unconventional gas to be suspended as it is in Germany, France, the Netherlands and parts of Australia. He said: “It’s ironic that an Australian multinational is trying to do in Wales what it isn’t allowed to do in New South Wales. The government there has banned fracking because of concerns about the pollution of water supplies and impact on local communities.”