Plas Madoc funding U-Turn

Plas Madoc protestStatement on the news of the Plas Madoc funding u-turn:

“The news that the Labour group on Wrexham Council has done a u-turn is a welcome step in the right direction. Along with all the hard-working campaigners, we called for Plas Madoc to be kept open while the centre was transferred to community ownership and, when the council refused to that, we called for tapered funding assistance over next few years – as happened with Gwynedd Council with the Harlech swimming baths.
“As late as April, the ruling group rejected a budget amendment to keep Plas Madoc open. It’s hard to know exactly what has prompted this dramatic u-turn but the pressure from opposition councillors has undoubtedly made a difference. It’s a shame that the centre wasn’t kept open as we all wanted to take advantage of the summer holiday trade.
“The fundraising efforts of volunteers over the past few months have been huge and, if the £100,000 funding package is approved,  it’s only right that Wrexham Council recognises the contribution of the campaigners who wouldn’t let Plas Madoc die.”