Health Consequences of Plas Madoc closure

To the Editor

On the day that Diabetes UK warned that we were reaching epidemic proportions of Diabetes Type 2, a life threatening illness linked to obesity and lifestyle choice, a motley partnership of Labour and Conservatives on Wrexham Council voted to close Plas Madoc and other Leisure facilities in Wrexham.

This short term decision will have terrible long term consequences on the health and well-being of our communities.

As a former regional manager of a heart charity, I know the benefits of providing leisure and fitness facilities. Cutting these services for money-saving purposes is a false economy as our already struggling health service will have to cope with an increasing demand for care, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. It’s a short term strategy storing up some very big long term troubles.

There is one more chance to over turn this preposterous decision, which is at a full council meeting on February 26th. I urge all WCBC Councillors to think of the long term health effects and cost of the proposed closure, and vote to keep Plas Madoc open.


Mabon ap Gwynfor

Plas Madoc protest