Build4Scotland – Made in Wales?

They say that 7 days is a long time in politics. I know why. Simply because we have such short memories that anything over a few days is a distant memory, and probably forgotten.

Take this for instance

“Holyrood will be able to borrow more money, issue bonds to access cash from capital markets and protect itself from sudden changes in spending levels.” 

announced today by Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – part of a massive transfer of fiscal powers over to Scotland from the centralist UK Government.

Great news for Scotland.

So great in fact that the pseudo-nationalist (in denial) Carwyn Jones wants the same for Wales. According to Betsan Powys he says:

“The case for borrowing powers for Wales is now unassailable. I call on the UK Government to deliver these powers as soon as possible. Wales cannot remain the only part of the UK where the government cannot borrow to fund roads and hospitals.

 “This would put us at a unique disadvantage and the UK Government now has a responsibility to rectify this. The Deputy Prime Minister says this deal is good for the economy of Scotland. I say to him what is good for Scotland is good for Wales and the same responsibilities must now be transferred from Westminster to Cardiff. The people of Wales will now expect similar announcements to be made by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, when they next visit Wales.”

(Welcome to the fold Carwyn!)

Why do I say short memories? Think back to March this year, when Plaid Cymru unveiled an exciting Build 4 Wales Project which would have been raised through bonds and used to fund schools, roads and hospitals.

Who is it that called it Pie in the sky? Lib Dems.

Who called in “ineffective”? Conservatives

Who said it was “to good to be true”? Labour

It took 75 years of Plaid Cymru pressure to get these old dinosaurs to come over to the idea of a devolved Wales after years of insults and scaremongering. Now their all claiming credit for it, with Labour trying to out-nationalist the nationalists!

It’s taken a mere 2 months for them to have read through Plaid’s 2011 manifesto and start putting it into action…though admittedly in other countries!

Wales might not be getting any contracts for the Olympics, but we’re certainly seeing ‘The Party of Wales’ contribute to building a new UK!

These developments raises huge questions about political ideologies, especially at the heart of the UK’s three main parties. One thing’s for certain it will innevitably increase the call for greater say by English politicians on English issues, and will drive English Nationalism, which will eventually lead to a level of independence for Wales, though what our relationship with England and a greater UK Government will be is unclear.

I’ll have to come back to these some other time!