I’ve posted a couple of blog posts regarding the campaign’s momentum in Clwyd South.

There is even more evidence to support this.

I received a message from someone (very) close to one of the other parties election campaign, and it seems that they have carried out an internal poll, with the results showing Plaid Cymru gaining strongly in the constituency.

There are other rumours that the Tories are so concerned about Clwyd West that they’ve given up on Clwyd South, Delyn and Wrexham and have channeled their resources to Clwyd west.

What’s patently obvious is that teh Labour party have been arrogant in the extreme thinking originally that Clwyd South was in the bag. To the extent that their candidate said in one hustings that he has bought a house in the Constituency. Why would a Councillor in Mold, working for the Alyn and Deeside MP need to move to Clwyd South? The answer is that they expect a victory. Another example of the Labour party taking the electors for granted once again. In fact the expectation is such that they haven’t felt like doing any work to earn that victory!

I blogged some time ago about the failure of the Labour party’s campaign machine. As the campaign has worn on this failure has become more and more obvious. They’ve done next to no door-to-door . I know hat they’ve phoned some people simply asking one question, this is just data gathering, and they’ve used Royal Mail several times. They also have (at the last count) 3 placards throughout the constituency. Remember this is meant to be ta stronghold!

There are several factors at play here.

1) They’re taking the electorate for granted

2)They have no grass roots activists, and a declining membership

3) They’re skint after spending all of their money on getting Susan Elan Jones elected to Westminster last year.

Their priority is obviously Westminster, even though it is the National Assembly that legislates on Education, Health, Transport…

Compare this to our campaign.

We can’t compete financially. But what we have got is a dedicated group of fantastic activists.

We’ve walked way in excess of 200 miles over the last month alone, delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. I’ve personally spoken to thousands of people by now.We’ve managed to target our limited resources.

Consequently we are in a far better position to respond to people’s concerns locally. How does the Labour Party think that it can represent the electors if the only people they have dialogue with is their own small group of supporters (that’s getting smaller!) and friends?

This became obvious during the hustings where I was in a far better position to refer to loacl issues than the other candidates, even though they keep bragging that they are (relatievly) local. The truth is that they have little or no idea of what exactly is going on locally and of people’s concerns because they are not in contact with those people.

That’s why Plaid Cymru’ Manifesto is far better and offering more concrete solutions than those of the other parties – because we know people’s concerns and are able to respond to them.

We are now entering the final few days of the campaign.

We have a load of work to do, but I didn’t put my name forward as a candidate in order to avoid hard work! By Thursday I will have walked aprobably a further 50 miles, and spoken to numerous more people.

I know that Labour have been frightened by our campaign here this time, but just can’t muster the activists to raise their game, and it seems that the Conservatives are preparing themselves for third position (The Liberals are completely invisible).

I have one final plea – join us over the next few days and maybe we will be able to say that we played a small part in history 😉

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  1. This article is completely untrue as a labour party member who has been out on numerous occasions canvassing, I know that Ken skates has not taken any of the electorate for granted quite the opposite he has visited every area of this constituency meeting the people and spreading the message of welsh labour. The one thing I do agree on is the abysmal performance of the Conservatives and the Liberals at the Husstings but feedback from those was very good for Labour, who were the only people with a credible solution to Wales problems. The response off the people has been amazing obviously plaid has neglected to visit Cefn mawr, Ruabon,Plas Madoc all areas that I know for a fact have masses of Labour/Ken posters. As a 17 year old labour party member I can tell you the support from the youth vote is brilliant and grass roots labour is on the rise. Now the facts are out please do your research before posting nonsense on your blog !

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