Easy as 1 2 3

I don’t want to waste too much time on the AV referendum.

For the record I’m for it. It’s not perfect – no system has been devised that is, but it’s better than the current system used for Westminster elections. And before people start throwing accusations that supporters only support it because it will benefit their party, the truth is that it is unlikely that Plaid would benefit from AV – in fact Plaid could well suffer from it.

But it’s a point of principle. It can’t be right that large sections of society remain effectively voiceless and without representation. The vote should count. Is it any wonder that people are losing faith in democracy and the political system when they feel ignored?

But the campaign against AV fronted mainly by the Tories seems to suggest that we are to stupid to list our favourite candidates/parties in order of preference with Cameron saying that it’s “confusing” and would also benefit extreme fringe parties. I can’t imagine many people putting their second preference vote to someone like the BNP…certainly not among Plaid voters, yet again he knows his own members in the Conservatives only too well, and he has after all been pandering to the right wing of the party recently.

It might well be the case that it is “confusing” for him and the Conservatives, but we have history of preference voting here in Wales.

Here is a photo of a poster hanging in the Big Pit museum, Blaenavon, dating from 1985:

NUM Poster at Big Pit, Blaenavon

Appologies for the reflection. If you look beneath the reflection it reads:

“Place the Figure 1 opposite the name of the candidate of your first choice, the Figure 2 opposite the name of your second choice, and 3 opposite your third choice and so on in the order of your preference. Members should use all their preferences. Plumping does not benefit a candidate. Crosses must not be used. If more than one figure of the same denomination appears on the Ballot Paper the vote is spoilt.”

So what exactly is so difficult about 1,2,3?


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  1. Da iawn Mabon. A principled stance, as usual. You’re right, it’s not clear that AV would benefit Plaid Cymru but it’s obvious that it’s the best system on offer for taking democracy forward and giving more people a voice so a Yes vote for me too.

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