Is Labour running scared of Plaid in Clwyd South?

On the campaign trail in Clwyd South

With the campaign proper just around the corner, what’s the story of the campaign so far in Clwyd South?

Plaid have been on the campaign trail in Clwyd South since the end of last summer, actively walking the streets, knocking doors, and delivering leaflets. 

We probably haven’t seen as many people as we’d like, but we’ve spoken to a good cross-section of society here, we know the feeling on the ground, and we know the concerns locally.  We’ve had a fair deal of press coverage; we’ve attended coffee mornings, visited schools, led campaigns, collected names on petitions and much more. In the middle of all of this we managed to deliver a comprehensive Yes vote in the referendum. 

For instance, we’ve led on the campaign to keep Llangollen Hospital, to keep the sixth forms at Ruabon and Penley Maelor, to keep the rural schools in Edeyrnion, and more.

It’s fair to say that we’ve been busy, as you should expect if we are serious about representing this constituency in the Assembly. 

Not only have we been busy, but people have seen us; they’ve joined in our campaigns; and they’ve expressed their support. 

This might explain why the Labour party in Clwyd South have suddenly attacked Plaid Cymru on a respected Political Blog, WalesHome. The attack came in this blog posting by  the constituency MP Susan Elan Jones.

Unfortunately for her and Labour the blog is entirely wrong. I won’t go into deconstructing her arguments here – other people have done a terrific job of doing that in response to her post, so too has Plaid Wrecsam here. Please read – the entertainment value is priceless!

But I will say this: Ms Jones says that she is indebted to Plaid members who believed in DJ Davies’ vision of a cooperative society. She is more than welcome to borrow one of my two copies of DJ Davies’ seminal ‘Towards Welsh Freedom’, a collection of his essays, which is the foundation of Plaid Cymru thinking since his time in the early part of the twentieth century (I don’t suppose she’s read it herself, and she’ll have to go to the back of the queue mind, there are others who’ve asked and are waiting!).

If she is indeed indebted to those of us who push DJ’s vision, then she is welcomed to join the party.  After all Towards Welsh Freedom , I think, is self expalnatory.

What her posting does prove however, is that Labour are running scared of Plaid in Clwyd South. Plaid have set the agenda, and the others are having to follow. 

Long may these attacks continue 🙂 

We’ll carry on with what we are doing, and Labour and the others can carry on attacking us. Though it’s always worth checking the facts first!