Community Champions

I’ve already referred to the London Government’s Big Society initiative here. Its no more than a Big Con – window dressing for ideological cuts. They want us to do the Government’s work for them. They are looking to role back the state considerably, privatise everything that could be remotely profitable (health, education, land etc) and get us to do the work that is un-profitable (social care, advice, caring for the vulnerable etc). That’s how they view society and life, as a profit and loss enterprise.

My view is the polar opposite of this. 

But that isn’t to say that I’m against volunteering. As I noted in this post I work very closely with Volunteers and am a volunteer for many causes myself. Volunteering is rewarding and worthwhile, and there are people in our community who work tirelessly for various projects receiving no material reward with their work more often than not going un-noticed. But these are the people that grease the wheels of our communities. Without them life in our communities would be a whole lot rougher and harder. 

Take those that give of their time to train the local football team, from the juniors squad playing on Sunday mornings to the First XI, organising the team, ensuring that paper work is in order, getting sponsors, preparing the kit, ensuring that they have training equipment and so much more. Or what about our bowling greens and the teams that participate in various local leagues and the work that goes into organising those leagues, preparing the green? It’s the same with Cricket, Rugby, Netball, and all other sports. Then there are people who organise walking clubs, youth clubs, knitting clubs, local political groups, charity branches, Rotary’s, Lions, Inner Wheel’s, WI’s, festivals, concerts, coffee mornings, etc etc Just imagine how much poorer our communities would be without them. 

All of these things and so much more are carried out by volunteers, in their own free time and for no material gain. 

Think of someone in your community that has given of themselves to ensure that a project, be it a local football club or a coffee morning or whatever, is successful year-in-year-out. 

You now have an opportunity to thank them and nominate them for an award. 

The WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action) are looking for nominations for their Volunteer Of The Year Awards 2011. you can download a nomination form here

There are thousand out there who deserve our thanks. I’m sure you can think of a few.