In Support of Students, Leader 10.11.10

In support of Students 

I am writing to voice my support to the tens of thousands of students and lecturers who attended the rally against higher fees in London today (10 November), some of whom were students from Glyndwr University. 

The decision to slash billions from Higher Education will have a direct impact on funding distributed to Wales. This in turn will lead to an inevitable rise in fees at Welsh Universities as funding will be squeezed. With Glyndwr University providing such a wonderful service to the local community, I fear that such increased fees will have a detrimental impact on Glyndwr University. 

Glyndwr University is a brilliant establishment giving an opportunity to thousands of local people to increase their knowledge base and develop academically. I fear that the scope of educational services could be threatened if the ConDems push through their plans to raise Tuition Fees further. 

Ten years ago I was privileged enough to be a Student Union President representing students based at Wrexham. I led a march back then to London against Labour’s tuition fees. Today the fight continues, and I for one am standing full square with the students who are not campaigning for themselves but in order that future students won’t have to be ladled with debt. 


Mabon ap Gwynfor

Plaid Cymru Assembly Candidate, Clwyd South

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