Future of Welsh language broadcasting put at serious risk 20.10.10

Plaid attacks back room deals in London

Plaid Cymru’s leader has called for an urgent rethink by the UK government following the publication of their plans to put S4C under the control of the BBC. Wales’ Deputy First Minister has consistently called for a full review of S4C before any announcements on its future are made.

Mr Jones was joined by the grandson of Gwynfor Evans, whose hunger strike brought about the establishment of S4C, who attacking the backroom deal in London that has led to the current plans coming to light.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM and Mabon ap Gwynfor both criticised the action saying it calls into question the very future of the independent TV production in Wales.

Plaid Leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, said:

“These plans have come to light completely unacceptable way – and are the result of severely limited and hasty discussions in London. The last thing we need at the moment is action that has not been thoroughly thought through and is not focused on achieving properly identified strategic outcomes. Anything other than a careful review of S4C’s future is likely to bring about changes that benefit nobody.

The UK government needs to reconsider this issue urgently and hold a proper discussion which involved interested parties here in Wales. That means speaking to the Welsh government and the wider broadcasting industry in Wales.”

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid’s Assembly candidate for Clwyd South, said:

This proposal and the way it has come about is an insult to everyone who fought for the establishment of a Welsh language channel. It is a massive blow to the Welsh language, to the Welsh broadcasting industry and the direct and indirect employment of so many people. It is deeply upsetting to think of what people like my grandfather went through to realise a dream of a Welsh language TV channel, only to have its independence put into question by someone in London who has no comprehension of the cultural and economic role it plays.”

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