River Simple

It was a Welsh scientist, William Robert Gove, from Swansea, who invented the hydrogen fuel cell, and Wales continues to lead the world in the use of hydrogen as a fuel source. The RiverSimple company, in Llandrindod. Have developed a hydrogen car and is about to finish their on-road trials and get the car to market. They are also in the process of developing their hydrogen van. Their intention is to build a factory in Llandrindod which will build 5,000 cars a year. This would employ 400 people directly and about the same amount indirectly. It would also mean that some 13,000 tonnes of carbon would be taken out of the atmosphere every year because 5,000 less fossil fuel cars would be on the road.

They are entirely committed to Wales. We must ensure that they are included in the Mid Wales Growth Bid to ensure that they access £60m necessary to finish their product and develop their factory. I would also help develop a relationship between them and the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone in order that they can bring their van production here, which would lead to the creation of many hundreds of high quality direct and indirect jobs in this area.

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