Plaid Cymru has always supported devolution. The victory in 1997 which resulted in the creation of our National Assembly and the devolution of some powers to Wales was but one step on a very long journey for us. As a party that believes in devolution, we must ensure that this devolution continues beyond Cardiff.

The Welsh Government must devolve and decentralise more powers to our Local Authorities and ensure the equivalent funding as well. The Government must aim to increase the funding to Local Authorities by at least 1% above inflation, to ensure that our Councils have the capacity to invest in local projects. This money should be provided as part of the RSG without first being earmarked by the Government, allowing our Councils to use this money according to their local priorities. This would mean a several millions more a year for Gwynedd CC annually.

As well as this we should aim to locate public offices in Gwynedd. The Welsh Government recently announced their intention of creating a new Planning Inspectorate for Wales. This office should be based in this constituency. Not only would this bring quality employment to the area, but it would also mean that the officers would have a different world-view when it comes to planning. It would be a world-view through the prism of rural Welsh communities as opposed to the Cardiff Bubble prism.

The Westminster Government have over 500 public and arms length organisations, and the Welsh Government have approximately 30 such bodies. Where possible, these bodies, as well as other public bodies, should be based outside of Cardiff.

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