Conservative budget would put pressure on NHS 6.1.11

Dear Editor, 

In response to the Conservative Candidate for Clwyd South’s letter, published December 29th, I would like to remind him that the Tory-Lib Dem Government in London have imposed a massive £860m cut to the National Assembly’s budget next year, money that is used to fund not only our health service, but also schools, Local Authorities, the road networks and much more. 

The health budget accounts for 40% of the National Assembly’s total spend. The Conservatives plan to ring fence this funding would result in huge cuts for other departments, resulting in lasting damage to the education system, public transport, and services provided by Local Authorities. This Tory policy would result in Wrexham Borough Council suffering cuts of a further £4.4m! Less funding for Social Services would place added pressures on the NHS. Where does he propose they find the extra capacity?  

He is right to say that Councillors will be taking difficult decisions over the coming months because of the funding settlement – cuts forced on us by his party which would be even worse with his proposed funding proposal.  Plaid Cymru in Goverment in Cardiff have ensured that Local Authorities in Wales have received the fairest possible settlement in very difficult circumstances, prioritising the needs of children, the elderly and the most vulnerable.  

With unreasonable cuts being forced on Wales from London we need a political party in Government in the Assembly that can distribute that funding based on the needs of Wales not on spin from London. There is only one party that holds itself wholly accountable to the people of Wales and that is Plaid Cymru. 


Mabon ap Gwynfor

Plaid Cymru Candidate, Clwyd South

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