Plaid Cymru would bring Government Cabinet to Wrexham

DSC_0026Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood AM has outlined her ambition to lead the most open accessible government Wales has ever had.

Leanne Wood said that a Plaid Cymru Cabinet would hold 10 meetings every year, each one in a different location in Wales, including Wrexham and elsewhere in north east Wales. These meetings would end with a Q&A session which would be open to the public, allowing people to raise matters of importance to them with the First Minister and Plaid Cymru Ministers.

She said that the current Labour Welsh Government was blighted by a lack of accountability with anonymous comments being the stock response to criticism, and Ministers showing reluctance to defend their briefs.

Plaid Cymru The Party Of Wales’ Leader Leanne Wood said:

“On May 5th, the people of Wales will have the opportunity to elect the next Welsh government and a new First Minister. My ambition is to lead the most accessible Welsh Government ever, ensuring that openness and accountability are the hallmarks of my tenure.

“In addition, I as First Minister would hold an annual ‘State of the Nation’ address in order to ensure that people are as informed as possible on progress in our economy and key public services.

“Engaging directly with people is at the heart of how Plaid Cymru does politics. The people of Wales have told us what matters to them, and we have listened. Our programme for government includes ambitious plans to create jobs and boost the economy, cut waiting times and improve access to care in our Welsh NHS, and raise standards in schools to give our children the best possible start in life.

“At present, we have a Labour Welsh Government whose record is shrouded in secrecy. When criticisms do come to light, they are usually met by anonymous comments, with Ministers showing great reluctance to defend their briefs.

“On health, education and the economy – the cornerstones of a strong society – the Welsh Government refuses to take responsibility for falling standards, instead settling for managing decline while pupils, patients and workers pay the price. This lack of accountability is bad for democracy and it is bad for the people of Wales.

“If elected in May, I as First Minister, alongside Plaid Cymru’s Cabinet, will deliver the most open and accountable Welsh government since devolution. A government which accepts its responsibility and which respects the electorate, rather than taking them for granted.”

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru – The Party Of Wales’ candidate for Clwyd South said, “Leanne Wood has been holding public meetings in all corners of Wales, speaking to people about the issues which are important to them, their families and their communities. She came to hold public meetings in Wrexham and Llangollen in the summer and autumn of last year, for instance, which were full with people taking and active interest in what she had to say and what her vision for Wales is.

“A Plaid Cymru Government, if elected in May, would build upon such engagement by holding ten Cabinet meetings every year – each one in a different location throughout Wales and each one open to questions from the public, with one of these Cabinet meetings being in Wrexham and others visiting the north east during the five years of the next Assembly.”

Wrexham candidate Carrie Harper said, “People tell us regularly that they feel that north Wales is being ignored and that this Labour Government is concentrating on Cardiff. Last week we announced that we would legislate to ensure fair funding for each region of Wales, and this is taking our commitment to representing the whole of Wales a step further. It would do the Government good to listen to the people they aim to represent. I’m looking forward to seeing Plaid Cymru The Party Of Wales in Government making sure that this part of Wales also gets its fair share.”Roaming Cabinet Leader 02022016


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  1. Not sure I agree with proposed CTchanges…my property was put up from Band D to F by W A and I lost appeal,the “judges” verdict was ” your property would be snapped up by someone from Midlands ” so hard cheese to me. I am OAP and pay over £2000 a year for a house that has no council road,bins collected half mile away,no street lights…. Need a fairer system

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