Miliband: Labour doesn’t support the strikes

David Morgan + Mabon ap GwynforLabour betray Public Sector Workers with strike no-show in Wrexham

Letter to The Wrexham Leader

May I congratulate those public sector workers who sacrificed a day’s pay on Thursday to fight for their rights, in the face of threats and intimidation.

It’s a scandal that as a society we ask people to do vital work on our behalf, yet the Government that employs them and represents us refuses to give them a living wage or a decent pension.

I was proud to attend the rally in Wrexham and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with hard-working people who were only asking for a right to a decent wage.

Some will argue that the cupboard is bare and that we can’t afford to pay extra. Yet the UK Government says it can afford to renew Trident at a cost of £100bn. It can afford to build a £43bn train line from London to Leeds, which will be of limited benefit to the people of this area. It has also committed to a £36bn infrastructure project for London, the richest city on earth. It’s a matter of priorities and, as we see time after time, the London parties’ priorities are not the workers of Wrexham and Wales.

I must express my disappointment that not one of Wrexham’s Labour politicians attended the rally to show support. Only later did I hear their leader, Ed Miliband, say that Labour did not support the strikes.

In solidarity

Mabon ap Gwynfor
Plaid Cymru
Clwyd South