“Council tax rise ‘could have been a lot worse’” – Leader, 17.12.10

Dear Sir I cannot let the comment made by Cllr Paul Rogers published on Thursday (December 16th) go unchallenged. In the article headlined “Council tax rise ‘could have been a lot worse’” Tory Cllr. Rogers shows support for essential locally delivered services saying “I think the council is committed to protecting schools, libraries, community and youth centres wherever possible…”. This however is no thanks to the Conservative party. The Welsh Assembly Government, under Plaid Cymru’s influence, have decided that its priorities are the needs of children, vulnerable people and frontline services, meaning that Wrexham Borough Council only had a 1.2% cut in its funding. Meanwhile Local Authorities across the border in England have had to suffer a 7.1% cut from the Tories in London. English Councils are already planning the closures of youth clubs, libraries, and community centres because of the Tory cuts, those exact services that Tory Cllr. Rogers suggests should be kept. Furthermore the Conservative Party in Wales released their alternative Welsh budget last week. In it the Torys proposed a staggering 12.5% cut to Local Government. Such cuts would inevitably result in the closure of several of our schools, libraries, community and youth centres. Cllr Rogers cannot have it both ways. Wrexham County Borough Council are in the position to protect certain services because of Plaid Cymru’s priorities in the Welsh Assembly Government. If he agrees with our priorities, he is, of course, welcomed to join us. Sincerely, Mabon ap Gwynfor Plaid Cymru Candidate Clwyd South

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